We specialize in the R&D and production of Micro Air Pump. Welcome to choose our products that most suits your needs. 

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Mini Pump & Mini Valve - Adopt international advanced technology. We are one of the largest Mini Pump & Valve  manufacturers in the world. Provide various types of Mini Pump & Mini Valve, ranging from Rotating Diaphragm Pump, Eccentric Diaphragm Pump, Diaphragm Valve and Solenoid Valve for both liquid and gas. Can meet your application-specific requirements.

With the principle of "Consistent pursuit of innovation and improvement of product quality, for the purpose of providing better products and services", Xiamen Conjoin Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. never ceases to enhance the competence of technical innovation to keep the technology progress of our company. With advanced technology and conscientiousness, we are devoted to meet the deep-level demands of customers. With cutting-edge experimental & testing equipments and a professional R&D team, we guarantee to you reliable quality.

    For years, Xiamen Conjoin Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. have invested plenty of resources for researches, which renders our technology of applicability of products under harsh conditions of high temperature, high humidity, severe coldness, corrosiveness etc. to be at the leading edge in micro air pump & solenoid valve industry.

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